• The stress and struggle of our day to day life can bring imbalance to our energy, leaving us depleted, exhausted and even ill.

    This 2-hour workshop will take you on a powerful journey — flushing out the stale and the old, making space for happiness and health.

    Meghan will begin with a brief discussion about the chakras and their connection to our yoga practice. The insight of these energetic centres will act as a foundation to help you open up your mind; to connect not only to the body, but to the soul as well. The seven chakras are associated with nerve-centres along the spine. Our flow will begin with a short meditation and will then build in seven sections to correspond to these seven centres using physical movement, pranayama and vocal vibrations. The shared energy of this group practice will be palpable, guaranteed to leave you feeling transformed and inspired!

    Now is the time to bring yourself back to balance.

    Date: Friday, Nov. 30
    Time: 6-8pm
    Instructor: Meghan Trevorrow
    Cost: $35+HST

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