• Karma Classes + Events support members of the HAMSA YOGA Community and local organizations.

    Currently, all money collected through our Karma Classes and Karma Events will be benefit Henry Newton and his family.
    Henry is 14. He has cerebral palsy, a rare form of epilepsy, cortical visual impairment and developmental delay. Despite his challenges, Henry is THE  happiest kid! He loves people, music (Bohemian Rhapsody!!!), swimming, sit-skiing,and Robert Munsch books. 
    The Newton family has been getting around in a second hand accessible van that is no longer safe and is beyond repair. This has left Henry’s parents lifting Henry in and out of a car seat in their car and towing his wheelchair in a small trailer.  This is not ideal or sustainable.  Henry needs to be moved in/out without heroics from his parents. A proper wheelchair equipped van with a ramp and tie-downs is a must-have. However, the price tag is steep: the wheelchair ramp conversion is about $20-25k alone + a capable van to put it in.

    The Newton family has put everything into their family and community, including coaching and volunteering at several inclusive activities that Henry attends and enjoys, and supporting others in the special needs community.  We want to help them out in a tight spot where the government programs aren’t sufficiently wide or deep enough to cover the myriad of expenses a family caring for someone with complex special needs has. The only funding for a conversion in Ontario is the March of Dimes and the Newton Family is above the income cut off so do not qualify for assistance. 
    How can you help?
    A goFundme page has been established to help this cause

    gofundme page