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Anxiety Be Gone                                                              45min Yin + Meditate
An anxiety busting sequence and prayer: “into this Love would I enter now”. This class offers a little bit of everything, including a restorative inversion, a heart opening supported back bend, with soothing side bends and stretches for the back body.

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Strong Back                          60min Gentle Movement

The entire back line of the body is a hidden haven of strength and support. Let’s show it some love and give it the much needed attention it deserves. This class centers around scapular function, and back body awareness. 


Figure 4 Flow                        45min Flow

A good old fashioned classic hip and psoas opening flow with some unique figure 4 variations to play with.


Adaptability                          60min Gentle Movement

The human experience as we know it is not linear. The ability to quickly respond to changing circumstances can be a helpful skill to have; however, it’s not one we want to consistently relay on. Grab a chair and join this practice to learn more about our thoughts on adaptability.


Perception is Everything            30min Yoga Fit
Perception creates our entire world. It shapes every experience you face and truly narrates your life.


Gentle classes are accessible to almost everyone. Class involves breath and movement, accessible postures, body awareness, gentle stretching and strengthening, and relaxation. Whether you have specific physical or emotional challenges, would prefer a slower and more gentle practice, or just want the opportunity to slow down and relax, you will benefit from these classes. These are good classes to get a little extra attention from the instructor.

50 min Gentle w/Carly: An all levels practice designed to help you bring awareness to your posture and pause for a break.

60 min w/Wendy : A hip-opening practice to help cultivate focus and concentration

60 min w/Wendy: An invitation to surrender and come into the present

6o min w/Wendy: An all levels chair practice to open the hips and stretch the legs.

Rotation Focus | 60min

Shoulder and thoracic spine focus. This class encourages mobility and movement through the mid line of the body and shoulders.

Move Lightly, Live Lightly. 60min

A practice to help release tension within the upper body.

The Hip Show | 60min

A practice that focuses in on internal and external rotation within the hips. We work through mobility, strength and flexibility in this class. Perfect for athletes, runners or anyone looking to add some different movement into their day.

Steady & Strong | 60min 

A fluid practice that works to release the fascia/ connective tissue around the low back area.

A fluid practice that works to release the fascia/ connective tissue around the low back area.

Happiness Now          60min 

Everything you need is within you. At any moment you can access the pure joy and feelings of love within you. This class takes you on a journey into supported Half Moon, learn how to properly prepare for this peak pose with a gentle accessible approach. Grab a chair or set up near your couch.

Guide the Way            60min 

An all levels class that focuses on strength and mobility for the hips and shoulders. This practice has multiple options to modify or amp up your movement.

The Present Moment        60 min

We kick off this practice with breathwork and a guided present moment meditation. Our movement is structured around glute strength and shoulder mobility.

The Full Experience              60min 

An accessible mobility practice that caters to the entire body. Can you be aware of how you’re feeling without being completely consumed by it? Grab a yoga strap or scarf and get ready for a full body experience. 

Support & Strength              60min 

This class kicks off with a guided meditation followed by movement to help you identify the physical sensation of support and strength within the body.. 


This class builds full-body strength while linking postures together in a fluid movement synchronized with the breath. This powerful and dynamic class awakens strength, energy, and flexibility and allows beginners and intermediate students to be challenged in the same class.

60 min w/Taucha: Flow + Yin class- strength and stretch to remind you that what you do matters. 

60 min w/Carly : Exploring the idea of the difference between the things are living in vs. the things we are living through.

60 min w/Amada: A gentle flow style practice to create space within the side body.

20min w/Carly: A quick flow practice that touches on the power of a neutral pelvis, moving the breath into the upper back + a little core work to fire up the body!

60min Flow w/Taucha: a hybird style class to relieve any anxiety that may have settled in your throat, chest and shoulders.

60min w/Carly : a half moon style practiced that will have you moving around the mat.

60min w/Taucha : a gentle and slow style flow practice to help you unwind.

60min w/Carly : a well balanced class to remind you that you are in control.

20min Quick Flow w/Carly: to remind the body that movement is a gift. This class will help open the heart and create space within the hips and upper back.

60min Flow + Yin w/Taucha: A movement based class that mixes in relaxation and restorative yoga. This hybrid class is all about anchoring you to the present moment.

45min Flow w/Carly: a flow flow practice to help you rinse out the spaces in and around the hips. 

50 min Flow: Tease out the tension. This practice focuses on creating space within the side body and upper back. Let’s release tension while we step into our power.

Embracing all that comes in 35min 

This around the mat practice will leave you with a little extra bounce in your step. (35min)

Intelligent Movement  45min 

Being aware of how your body moves in space is the first step to really taking your practice to a new level. Proprioception or body awareness is a huge part of the process. This class helps us tap into our 6th sense of awareness.

Feeling into your power  45min

A core centered practice that packs just the right amount of movement and restoration to help wrap up a busy day.

A Joyful Day | 60min

This class creates strength and space in your body to help make room for abundance and joy.

Intelligent Movement  45min 

Being aware of how your body moves in space is the first step to really taking your practice to a new level. Proprioception or body awareness is a huge part of the process. This class helps us tap into our 6th

Weightless on the Wrists 40min 

A fun practice that moves your through an untraditional style vinyasa and explores strength. All with bearing very little on the wrists.

Get Up & Go                        45min Flow

A fluid and steady paced practice that incorporates repetitive movement. An experience to help you get lost in your body through your own unique

Coordinated Strength           45min Flow

Challenge your coordination in a fun light-hearted way. This class will keep you on your toes, with some unique posture combinations and transitions.

Stretch + Unwind

This class combines basic yoga poses with deep stretching to help relax tired bodies and busy minds. Props (pillows/blocks/bolsters/towels) are used to support us while relieving stress & tension. Learn how to use the breath to help deepen the stretches.

(60min) w/Amanda: A gentle class that will help encourage you to move any static energy within the body.

(60min) w/Amanda: Unwind and release tension. This class focuses on openiing the hips and shoulders.

(60min) w/Amanda: This practice is designed to help release tension within the upper body.

Let it Go | 60min  

Let’s move our stagnant energy and work to create space in the hips.

Support Yourself         65min

 A slowly paced practice that alternates releases within the upper and lower body. This is a well-rounded stretch session; the perfect way to unwind from your day. 

Focused Attention                60min 

Make space to feel, heal and ground into your body during this slow paced practice.

Yoga Fit:

Tune In(ward) & Tone Up with Carly! These 30-45 minute sessions are a fun mix of yoga, cardio and plyometrics. This class will leave you feeling strong and inspired to move throughout your day.

45 min: Theme: Live Lightly

30 min: Acceptance. 

35 min: Where our thoughts go, energy flows. 

45 min: Learning to “Sit with the hard stuff”

The Path of Love | 35min

Each moment or event in our life is an opportunity to choose the path of love or the path of fear.  You have the power to create the day you desire.

Free the mind | 30min

A practice to build strength within the body and mind.

The Power to Heal | 30min

This class focuses on building strength and endurance through the entire body.

Hip hip hooray | 30min

A sports themed yoga fit practice that encourages your inner child to come out and play.

The Placebo Effect      30min 

You are powerful! Your mind has the power to heal everything that comes your way. This is an upper body focused practice that will help you build strength and mobility.

Leaning in                  35min 

Learn how to sit with the hard stuff and how to celebrate the wins. This practice focuses on glute strength and core stability.

Step Into Your Power  30min 

This class focuses on the centre of the body (solar plexus). We kick off this session with some unique core work and top it off with some powerful squats.

Healing                                  30min

Grab your playful lens and get ready to punch out your tension. 

Yin + Meditate:

A series of Yin postures followed by a period of guided meditation. Release tension through calming poses and open up to present-moment happiness. Yin and Meditation together allow time for reflection, release and quieting of the fearful mind. This is a gentle, mindful practice.

45 min w/Carey: Theme: compassion & self-love. An opportunity to explore meeting every experience in a tender and loving way.

45 min w/Carey: The ultimate surrender. Stepping back to let love or spirit lead the way.

45min w/Carey: a practice designed to help you tune into the source that fuels your love.

45 min w/Carey: directing your attention to the call towards love. 

45 min w/Carey: Surrender to the unknown future and present moment instead of the predictable future that you’ve predicted by your past. Let go of those past thoughts.

45min w/Carey: A gentle and nurturing hip-opening sequence, starting off with a short meditation about the importance of letting emotions be felt and what those intense emotions represent.

(45min) w/Carey: Forgiveness offers everything you want and brings you back into a peacefulstate of mind in which nothing in the world of body can hurt you. 

45 min w/Carey: Offering blessings to any ideas that enter your mind. To practice blessing your creations exactly as they are, remembering all forms of expression are either an extension of love or a call for it.

45min w/Amanda: Soften your heart, create space in the body and find safe, introspective shapes.

45min w/Carey: A blend of Yang poses to really complement the nourishing Yin poses. Complete with a short meditation to prepare you for a restful evening.

45min w/Carey: A full circle around each corner of the mat, symbolizing the various directions we feel guided to move towards in our lives. This class finishes with a meditation themed around following internal guidance.

45min w/Carey: An ultra restful sequence to help prepare your mind and body for sleep. 

Use what you got | 45min

45min w/Carey. Instead of striving for some other experience or condition, use the very curriculum you have been given as it is your way and is without error. This is a more active Yin class with longer holds.

Reaching your real thoughts 45min

45min w/Carey. Prepare for this class by wearing only your finest jammies. This entire sequence is supine and ultra-restful. You can expect plenty of twists and heart openers..

Unlimited Power | 45min 

“Become alive for if not you are not aware of the unlimited power you have and Love that is yours, therefore you are not really living, but dreaming”. Tonight’s class focused on releasing tension from the shoulders and spine.

All Things Through You         45min 

Settle into surrender and trust. Practice allowing all things to be done through you. This is a heart-warming centering and gentle experience.

I am Home                            45min 

I am at home and fear is the stranger here (lesson from ACIM). This class is blend of soothing inversions using the support of a bolster, pillow or wall. Inversions are a passive way of exploring our body’s range of motion in a way that is gentle and ultra supportive.

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