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Find the class style that is right for you and press play! Two new classes will be added each and every week. Roll your mat out and let’s get started…

new this week

Every Monday we release two new videos for you to select from. Check out what we have new for you this week.

Flow + Yin (60min) w/Taucha: A movement based class that mixes in relaxation and restorative yoga. This hybrid class is all about anchoring you to the present moment.

Gentle Movement w/Carly (60min): Shoulder and thoracic (mid back) focus. This class encourages mobility and movement through the mid line of the body and shoulders. Experience new movement combos and a light hearted approach to your class.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle classes are accessible to almost everyone. Class involves breath and movement, accessible postures, body awareness, gentle stretching and strengthening, and relaxation. Whether you have specific physical or emotional challenges, would prefer a slower and more gentle practice, or just want the opportunity to slow down and relax, you will benefit from these classes. These are good classes to get a little extra attention from the instructor.

Gentle w/Carly (50min) : An all levels practice designed to help you bring awareness to your posture and pause for a break.

60 min w/Wendy : A hip-opening practice to help cultivate focus and concentration

60 min w/Wendy: An invitation to surrender and come into the present

6o min w/Wendy: An all levels chair practice to open the hips and stretch the legs.


This class builds full-body strength while linking postures together in a fluid movement synchronized with the breath. This powerful and dynamic class awakens strength, energy, and flexibility and allows beginners and intermediate students to be challenged in the same class.

60 min w/Taucha: Flow + Yin class- strength and stretch to remind you that what you do matters. 

60 min w/Carly : Exploring the idea of the difference between the things are living in vs. the things we are living through.

60 min w/Amada: A gentle flow style practice to create space within the side body.

20min w/Carly: A quick flow practice that touches on the power of a neutral pelvis, moving the breath into the upper back + a little core work to fire up the body!

60min Flow w/Taucha: a hybird style class to relieve any anxiety that may have settled in your throat, chest and shoulders.

60min w/Carly : a half moon style practiced that will have you moving around the mat.

60min w/Taucha : a gentle and slow style flow practice to help you unwind.

60min w/Carly : a well balanced class to remind you that you are in control.

(20min) Quick Flow w/Carly: to remind the body that movement is a gift. This class will help open the heart and create space within the hips and upper back.

Stretch + Unwind

This class combines basic yoga poses with deep stretching to help relax tired bodies and busy minds. Props (pillows/blocks/bolsters/towels) are used to support us while relieving stress & tension. Learn how to use the breath to help deepen the stretches.

(60min) w/Amanda: A gentle class that will help encourage you to move any static energy within the body.

(60min) w/Amanda: Unwind and release tension. This class focuses on openiing the hips and shoulders.

Yoga Fit:

Tune In(ward) & Tone Up with Carly! These 30-45 minute sessions are a fun mix of yoga, cardio and plyometrics. This class will leave you feeling strong and inspired to move throughout your day.

45 min: Theme: Live Lightly

30 min: Acceptance. 

35 min: Where our thoughts go, energy flows. 

45 min: Learning to “Sit with the hard stuff”

35 min: Each moment or event in our life is an opportunity to choose the path of love or the path of fear.  You have the power to create the day you desire.

30min: Free the mind. A practice to build strength within the body and mind.

30 min: The Power to Heal. This class focuses on building strength and endurance through the entire body.

Yin + Meditate:

A series of Yin postures followed by a period of guided meditation. Release tension through calming poses and open up to present-moment happiness. Yin and Meditation together allow time for reflection, release and quieting of the fearful mind. This is a gentle, mindful practice.

45 min w/Carey: Theme: compassion & self-love. An opportunity to explore meeting every experience in a tender and loving way.

45 min w/Carey: The ultimate surrender. Stepping back to let love or spirit lead the way.

45min w/Carey: a practice designed to help you tune into the source that fuels your love.

45 min w/Carey: directing your attention to the call towards love. 

45 min w/Carey: Surrender to the unknown future and present moment instead of the predictable future that you’ve predicted by your past. Let go of those past thoughts.

45min w/Carey: A gentle and nurturing hip-opening sequence, starting off with a short meditation about the importance of letting emotions be felt and what those intense emotions represent.

(45min) w/Carey: Forgiveness offers everything you want and brings you back into a peacefulstate of mind in which nothing in the world of body can hurt you. 

45 min w/Carey: Offering blessings to any ideas that enter your mind. To practice blessing your creations exactly as they are, remembering all forms of expression are either an extension of love or a call for it.

45min w/Amanda: Soften your heart, create space in the body and find safe, introspective shapes.

45min w/Carey: A blend of Yang poses to really complement the nourishing Yin poses. Complete with a short meditation to prepare you for a restful evening.

45min w/Carey: A full circle around each corner of the mat, symbolizing the various directions we feel guided to move towards in our lives. This class finishes with a meditation themed around following internal guidance.

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