• Meet the hamsa yoga team:

  • Tiffany, Co-owner

    Classes taught: Yoga Wall, Stretch + Unwind, Beginner Yoga Series

    Tiffany began her yoga journey in 2012. She then decided to escape the corporate world after 16 years and completed her 200HR certification in 2014 (she is now an eRYT). She had so much love for practicing and teaching yoga that she decided to take her passion to the next level and offer a beautiful community for like minded yogis and yoginis to practice at. 

    Tiffany loves to work with those who are just beginning their yoga journey and students with injuries or health conditions. Her extensive teaching experience and happy joie de vivre offer students mental clarity, physical wellness and an enhanced, joyful practice. Her classes are fun, naturally flowing and offer clear instructions. Students who experience an hour of self-care with Tiffany are ensured to leave AWAKENED with a smile on their face. 


  • Carly, Co-owner

    Classes taught: Hot Flow, Warm Flow, Move + Meditate, Prenatal series

    Carly has lived an active lifestyle from an early age as sports held her center focus. It wasn't until after her college years that she discovered her own draw to the practice of yoga, which is what ultimately lead her to her current path as an instructor. With over 12 years of personal experience practicing yoga and attending workshops/training sessions; Carly's developed a philosophy that we are all students of life working towards a common goal to achieve optimal living. Yoga has become more than just a practice for Carly, which is reflected in her teaching. You can trust you'll be led in a direction that will open and strengthen the body safely and deeply. Her underlying drive as a teacher and student is to elevate all aspects of life; Mind, Body and Health.

  • Andrea

    Classes taught: hot flow, Gentle II, STRETCH + UNWIND, Kids Yoga Series

    Andrea first came to yoga as a very un-flexible cross country runner whose knees were crying out for a change. Over time and a committed yoga practice she experienced physical and spiritual transformation both on and off the mat. Andrea is a certified E-RYT 200 and YACEP instructor who will encourage you to find that peaceful warrior within yourself. Growing her yoga knowledge, in addition to these certifications, Andrea has completed over 80-Hrs of Yin Yoga certification, Kids Yoga Training and has attended workshops and trainings from internationally known yogis such as: Dharma Mittra, Sean Corne, Koya Webb, Kathryn Flynn, Amy Wren, Jennifer Stow and more.

  • Monica

    classes taught: Aroma Flow

    When Monica took her first Ashtanga Vinyasa class, she was instantly connected with the practice. She remembers her very first yoga instructor fondly as a person who left a lasting impression on her, and takes her own role as a teacher with not only great responsibility, but also with a warm and inviting approach. She continues to be inspired by her teachers, fellow yogis and yoginis and is always attending workshops to further her training. Monica is R.Y.T.T. certified and currently teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa and hot yoga at Hamsa, and has also taught restorative, gentle, yin, and power yoga. Come and experience a blissful, welcoming practice with Monica.

  • Erin P

    Classes taught: Gentle Yoga, Stretch + Unwind

    As an established equestrian rider, Erin came to yoga to overcome anxiousness, stiffness and feelings of being out of shape. As she's moved forward in her yoga journey she now uses the same principles of yoga to train herself and and her equestrian students to have flexibility, calmness, focus, and harmony with their equine partners. Along with being a certified yoga instructor, Erin is also a reiki master and has a fashion design diploma. Its no surprise Erin's favorite pose is Equestrian pose or Lunge pose. You're certain to enjoy the harmony of Erin's hot yoga hatha classes.

  • Tracy

    Classes Taught: Gentle Yoga, Yoga Tone Series

    Tracy holds a B.Sc. in Kinesiology in 1994 and 200Hr RYT Yoga Diploma with Hamsa Yoga. She has spent her career working with people of all different ages and injury histories. Assisting people to heal and to improve or maintain their mobility has been her challenge and her passion.

    When Tracy was faced with chronic pain and a major change in lifestyle, she was drawn to using Yoga as a healing modality. Now Tracy combines the science of Kinesiology and her Yoga Teacher Training and applies this in her work to help others to heal and to improve their lives. She has been fortunate to lead exercises for an inspiring group of high-risk seniors. It is her belief that Yoga should be available to everyone, and that all can benefit.

    Tracy has taken additional courses and training in Teaching Yoga to Seniors as well as Chair Yoga. She is a Heart Wise Certified Instructor and has just completed Level 1 Ursui Reiki.

  • Cara

    classes taught: Hot Ashtanga

    I started practicing yoga 14 years ago, just after my fifth child was born. Overwhelmed and exhausted, I was looking to take some time for myself, reduce my stress and start getting back in shape. I spent a couple of years exploring different class styles and teachers before I found my tribe right here at Hamsa Yoga in Carleton Place! My practice has grown and deepened over the intervening years (and through the births of two more children!) – it has kept me grounded and centered and continues to keep me connected to who I am, beneath all of the roles that life has assigned me. I am inspired by how yoga connects us to our bodies – through the flow of breath and prana (energy). Flowing with grace and fluidity on my yoga mat helps me to bring that same sense of ease and calm to my day-to-day life. Cara is a 200-hr RYT and teaches Hatha, Flow, Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga yoga and is in love with arm balances – any and all!

  • Amanda

    Classes Taught: Gentle Flow, baby + me Series, Kids Yoga Series

    Amanda fell in love with Yoga towards the end of her 100 pound weight loss journey. After struggling most of her adolescence with obesity and anxiety, Yoga brought calm and strength to her mind and body. As it does, life became busy and Amanda’s consistent yoga practice was derailed for a number of years. After losing her fiancé in a car accident in January 2018, Amanda decided to turn to her Yoga practice as an outlet. It was instantaneous with that decision that the universe began to open doors that led Amanda towards completing her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training; right here at Hamsa Yoga! Amanda wants to help others find the peace that her yoga practice has brought her; demonstrating that traumas do not always have to be fed with medications, but rather we are capable of taking control back over our mind and body. With her Teachers Degree and a history as a Princess Performer, Amanda also hopes to bring a love for yoga into the hearts of children and adults alike!

  • Carey

    Classes Taught: Stretch + Unwind, Warm flow, Mindfulness Series

    Carey has been studying yoga since she was a child. After many years of practice she completed 200 hours of formal teacher training in 2009 at Herizen Yoga for Women. She has since completed prenatal yoga and Yin yoga teacher training. Carey is a mother of two boys and is passionate about helping mamas feel vibrant and restored through the practice of yoga.

  • Erin L

    Classes Taught: Relax + Restore

    Erin stumbled upon yoga in her early 20s. At that time, she knew it only as a physical practice which complemented her sporadic exercise regime. Fast forward 18 years where after marriage, 3 children, a full-time job and several panic attacks later, Erin made the decision to join a local yoga studio and re-discovered yoga in its truest form: a practice that unites mind, body and spirit. She has never looked back. After realizing what a positive impact yoga had on her life, she committed to deepen her personal practice by completing her 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training with Hamsa Yoga Studio. It wasn’t until after becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher that she realized how much she desired to share all she has learned throughout her experience with others. She truly believes in yoga’s healing benefits, both mental and physical, and hopes to help create these healing connections with her students.

  • Ruth

    Classes Taught: Relax + Restore

    For many years Ruth was an equestrian coach and trainer. Yoga was the perfect complement to instill connection to the mind and body. Her life took a slight change of direction when she moved to the Middle East for two years. It was there that she was introduced to yoga with a deep focus on breathing techniques for stress release. Upon her return to Canada she completed her 200 YTT and received training in Restorative, Yin & Therapeutic Yoga (in Canada and India).  Ruth is also a certified Hypopressive Breathing Level 1 coach. She has been involved in the wellness field as a chiropractic health assistant for over 20 years & has a deep understanding of the importance of holistic health. Yoga and breathwork are an integral part of this equation and Ruth is passionate about sharing this knowledge. She maintains a sense of lightness and humour in her classes  – “laughter being the best medicine.”

  • Taucha

    Classes Taught: Gentle Yoga

    Taucha began practicing yoga 14 years ago as a way to calm her anxious, hyperactive mind during her undergrad. She then moved to Vancouver, BC for grad school where she wholeheartedly embraced the west coast yoga lifestyle. While working as a speech therapist, Taucha completed her 240 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts.

    After 11 years on the west coast, Taucha has recently returned to Ontario. She uses her experience as an allied health professional to evaluate pose difficulty and adjust postures to meet the needs of each student. She combines breathwork, mindfulness, and physical poses to create strong accessible classes. Her goal is to empower students through relatable themes and playful sequences.
     She wants you to leave class feeling like the powerful unique human that you are.  
  • Ashley

    Hamsa Yoga SUPER SUB

    Ashley brings to her teaching an incredibly calm presence. She knows when she rolls out her own mat and settles into a class it immediately calms and centers her, she strives to bring that to all the classes she teaches. Trying not to take things to seriously but also to give the practice the respect it deserves, she’s always striving for balance. You get from yoga what you need, not always what you’re expecting! Ashley aims to gives her students a calm, comfortable space to allow them to experience their yoga – whatever that looks like. 

    Ashley approaches her teaching from a place of compassionate and connection, with the ultimate aim of creating and supporting her students experience on the mat. She makes it one of her missions to build, value and nourish her own community which is a thread you will feel in her classes.

  • Charlotte

    Hamsa Yoga SUPER SUB

    Yoga came into Charlotte's life when she was working in a high-paced, busy office downtown Ottawa. She was blessed to have an instructor come in for lunch time and eventually she went from business lunches to only doing yoga at lunch. It then spun into other areas of her life such as riding, competitive Dressage, and overcoming orthopedic injuries from a car accident. Eventually, it became her lifestyle. Charlotte is inspired by the connections she gets from yoga... both physically and mentally. Connections also include the wonderful friends she has made along her journey of yoga. Charlotte loves teaching yoga out in nature and offers a yoga and hike program during the summer months. In the winter, she enjoys extending teaching outdoors at different international resorts. Her main practice includes hatha flow, yin, restorative, and core-conditioning yoga. Charlotte is a 500-Hr certified yoga instructor with a specialization in yoga therapy. Yoga will be a part of Charlotte for the rest of her life. She hopes to be teaching seniors when she's there, too. Her most favourite asana is upward bow pose because it is so invigorating. 

  • Vichardeep "Vicha"

    Classes Taught: Super Sub

    From the moment that Vichardeep took her first yoga class, she knew that she was meant to become a teacher of yoga. She began studying Hatha in 2013 while also becoming a Reiki Practitioner. She was drawn to yoga because of the mindfullness of the practice and how it uses the body as a tool for awakening. Vichardeep began teaching right away and in 2015, she became certified in Yin Yoga and moved to Ottawa to take the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Kundalini Yoga is the practice that she loves the most but Hatha and Yin are still a huge part of her life.

    She has since become a Certified Labour and Birth Doula and has started teaching Prenatal Yoga. She is currently taking her 300 hour teacher training in Kundalini Yoga. She brings mindfulness to all of her teachings. She senses the energy of the room and brings an uplifting yet calming presence. She always honours the teachings of the practice and brings her passion and love for teaching into every class.